May. 30th, 2003

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Mr. Essex gave a really interesting lecture. I think I understood most of it, but there are a few things that went over my head. Maybe I'll go over my notes this afternoon.

Everybody has been kind of moping lately. I think it might be because people are busy with classes and stuff. Or maybe not. I think there is a lot of stuff going on here that I don't understand. I kind of miss home, because Kim may have hit me with her field hockey stick a lot, but at least she was happy about it. I hope everybody's okay.

I have Snickers if anybody wants them. The care package came today. Ignore the granola bars and the hat Aunt Joan sent me. I don't wear orange plaid.

- Ev
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I should probably put this in the student community, but I'm not going to.

Mr. Logan, I know you're trying to teach us to fight and stuff. But leave Rahne alone. And don't talk about stuff like that, because she was covering my butt. I was being a wimp. Teachers are supposed to be professional. And it's my fault I don't like hitting girls.

Everyone else, I know there are a lot of things going on. I don't really understand them. But I'm here if anyone wants to talk. I have Snickers.

I miss St. Louis.

- Ev


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