Jun. 8th, 2003

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Two of my uncles are doing some research about mutant rights and how mutants are classified. That's why I'm holed up in the library, because I've been reading the stuff they sent me. It's really interesting, and kind of disturbing. A couple of proposals don't even want to classify us as human. That's wrong.

I guess I've been lucky. When it turned out that I might be a mutant, my parents didn't care. My little sister Kim thought it was cool. No one in my family cared. Everybody said that if I ever met someone who cared, I should talk to them and the entire Thomas family would come down on them. I don't think that means much here. But in St. Louis that does mean something. No one tried to bug me anyway. I don't think any of my neighbors or my friends cared as long as I didn't cheat at chess.

I kind of thought that everybody else would be like that. I guess I was wrong. And I'm really dumb for not noticing sooner. If I made anyone mad or hurt anyone because I was really dumb, I'm sorry.

I think I'm going to stay in the library tonight. I've got more reading to do.

- Ev


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