May. 19th, 2003 10:51 pm
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What did I get myself into?

I want to be at this school. I want to meet other mutants and I want to learn about what I can do, because if I don't I'll do the walking strobe light thing again and wind up copying everyone's powers. As much as this mutant thing is pretty cool, I don't want to spend the rest of my life looking like something out of that Beatles movie. You know, the one where they're in the submarine and I think they're all really high?

I really want to be here. I do. But geez, some of the people here are kind of mean. Not everyone. There's really nice people too (Hi Sam!) and I think I just got a really grumpy welcome wagon. It's just making me stop and think, you know?

And now you're probably all wondering who the heck I am. Hi everyone. I'm Everett or Ev. I'm from St. Louis and I'm sixteen. I didn't even know I was a mutant until a couple of days ago, so learning about what I can do and what other mutants can do is going to be really cool. At least I hope it is. Let's see, what else... Oh yeah, my parents promised to send a big care package as soon as they go grocery shopping again, so if anyone wants lots of Snickers bars just let me know. I think there might be some healthy stuff in there, but we can just ignore it.

So. Um. Hi. Here I am. I'm going to write an email to my little sister and then I'm going to go exploring before I crash for the night. I hope I meet some of you today.

- Ev
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